Our Sustaining Partners

Our work is supported, nearly equally, by public and corporate grants as well as individual donations. All of our funders see value in

working collaboratively to solve society’s biggest challenges. SOW Asia would like to acknowledge our Sustaining Partners who prefer to

remain anonymous. We are grateful for all the support that our Sustaining Partners have given to SOW Asia to underwrite our core costs.

Partners' ongoing support allows us to focus our attention on serving more entrepreneurs in creating more impact


Our Sustaining Partners’ benefits

We ask our Sustaining Partners to contribute towards our work in scaling social enterprises by contributing a minimum of HK$100,000 per annum



Maximize the impact created on your contributions by leveraging our management team’s expertise, our Business Volunteers and Strategic Partners networks


Partner-only communications

Receive regular updates on the social enterprises in our accelerator program and investment portfolio


Partner-only events

Participate in educational seminars and networking events with other like-minded individuals who are interested in supporting social enterprises


Partner-only site visits

Participate in site visits to understand how social enterprises create through their operations

Want to become our Sustaining Partners?