Frequently asked questions

+ What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurs tackle social issues using a business model, generating earned income rather than relying solely on charitable donations as a source of revenue.

+ What is impact investment?

Impact investments are "investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate measurable social impact alongside a financial return."

+ Why SOW Asia? (Rather than independently attracting funding/investment)

SOW Asia boosts social enterprises beyond tranditional investment. Through our accelerator program, we provide strategic workshops to help you clarify your model and refine your execution plan. We also connect you with mentors, partners, investors to help you execute that plan. Our portfolio companies receive all that support and much more through our flexible financing, and tailored consulting support.

+ How is SOW Asia funded?

SOW Asia is funded equally by independent donors as well as public and corporate grants. Find out more here.

+ Is Investment guaranteed with acceptance into the accelerator program?

Every participant in our accelerator program has the opportunity to apply for direct investment, however, funding is not guaranteed with acceptance into the program. In our experience, it is invaluable to take the time for social enterprises to refine their model and clarify their strategies before adding investors (important to get right, since entrepreneurs will be stuck with them for a few years!)

+ How does SOW Asia decide whether to invest or accelerate?

Acceptance into our accelerator program is based on fulfillment of our criteria listed here. Acceptance and investment as a portfolio company is decided through a due diligence process conducted by SOW Asia

+ How long does a partnership with SOW Asia last?

Accelerator program would be completed after 5 months; impact investment relationships can last several years. However, general partnerships with SOW Asia will continue throughout the growth of your organization for many years to come.

+ Can NPOs interested in adopting a social enterprise model apply to partner with SOW Asia?

We prefer NPOs that are wanting to spin off a separate entity/team for their social enterprise rather than attempts to transition the entire NPO to a social enterprise model, which we have often seen to be more about fundraising than seeing the value of a social enterprise model to create impact.

+ How do I get involved?

If you are a growing social enterprise looking to partner with us, apply here! If you are interested in partnering, donating, or learning more, email us at