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I saw very tangibly how my experience, interests, and skills could be used to advance social good. I realized that the best way for me to contribute would likely be to first gain experience in the investment world in the private sector, and then to find my way to the venture philanthropy world later on in my career as an investor.
— Michael Yuan, Business Volunteer, 2019
I could decide how to organise my day as long as my task was completed in the end. This freedom made my work very enjoyable and fun!
— Julia Chen, Associate Volunteer, 2018 Summer
I was able to familiarise myself with the inner workings of a social start-up enterprise and look into different aspects of maintaining a business for a variety of different companies within the venture philanthropy sphere.
— Samantha Wong, Associate Volunteer, 2018 Summer


  • Exposure to our i2i accelerator program where you get to meet the social entrepreneurs, understand their business model, exposure to our workshops and the associated training materials

  • This experience will push the boundaries of your thinking on social impact – move beyond pushing for ideas like ‘social enterprise’ and instead thinking through the fundamentals of what drives impact


  • Opportunity to use analytical and investment- minded approach to solving social problems & identifying solutions that we can scale

  • On the job training similar to that of management consulting firms & refined research & quantitative abilities 

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  • Opportunity to directly experience the social impact space and learn more about the sector, what we do and build networks

    * Especially useful for those exploring the sector but not able to financially or mentally make a long term commitment yet

Looking for a Challenge at impact investment and social enterprises? Join SOW Asia now!

+ Full- time positions

Program Associate – Job Description

This job no longer exists

+ Associate Volunteers

Application details:

  • Application is on a rolling basis
  • Positions are competitive and we accept 1 - 2 volunteers at any given time
  • Volunteering assignments at SOW Asia last for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks

Professional Qualifications:

  • Successful volunteers will possess at least an undergraduate degree
  • Demonstrable passion and experience with social enterprises or non profit organisations
  • Demonstrable skills in research and quantitative analysis
  • Strong verbal and written English, Cantonese and Mandarin skills

What a day at SOW Asia is like:

Our team consists of strategy and management consultants, finance professionals and entrepreneurs, and we are constantly looking for talented volunteers to support and drive our analysis and decision making. Volunteers regularly engage in problem solving projects. You could be exposed to:

  • Have a close look to social enterprises via business consultation
  • Learn business knowledge through workshops, preparation of workshop materials, advices from mentorship sessions etc
  • Research and produce reports on social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy
  • Assist to plan, carry out and evaluate accelerator program
  • Assist to evaluate impact investment projects
  • Assist to plan, carry out various events, eg. pitch events, networking events, social entrepreneurship seminars, fundraising and media campaigns
  • Assist to brainstorm marketing strategies and design marketing collateral
  • Create content for our social media platforms

About SOW Asia:

SOW Asia employs an analytical and investment-minded approach to solving social problems and identifying solutions that can scale. We look for opportunities to invest in business approaches that create a scalable impact, to address Hong Kong's pressing challenges in biotechnology and wellbeing, elderly care, active ageing, poverty alleviation, environment, social inclusion and education.

How to Apply:

Please complete the online Application Form and send your CV to us at, with the subject title "Application for Associate Volunteer - [your name] "

+ Business Volunteers

Volunteers in SOW Asia come from a diversified background. Aside from associate volunteers, we also welcome business volunteers who wish to contribute their skills to create an impact on our local communities, with us. If you are:

  • a serial social entrepreneur, and wish to share your experience; or
  • looking for sustainable ways to contribute your specific skills (e.g. social media and digital marketing, web-design, subject matter experts in aging/ health/ environmental/ entrepreneurship); or
  • on sabbatical leave, in transition or just simply looking for meaningful but impactful work in the social sector; or
  • bored with a traditional or 9-5 role, looking for social innovation

We would like to hear from you. We offer an opportunity to engage with some of the most promising, budding social enterprises in Hong Kong and help them in their journey towards creating social impact.

What an engagement with SOW Asia would look like:

We are looking for volunteers who can commit full time or nearly full time for about 6 weeks. The engagement would be designed based on your interests and background. Example responsibilities could include the following:

  • Performing due diligence on potential social enterprise investments
  • Conducting valuation analyses and structuring potential investments
  • Assisting our acceleratees our our portfolio ventures in developing their pitches, financial models, and business plans
  • Providing our acceleratees or our portfolio ventures with strategic advice, e.g. on legal, PR, or marketing related issues
  • Engaging with stakeholders within the social enterprise community to establish and develop partnerships
  • Analyzing SOW Asia's strategy and operations and assisting in implementing improvements
  • Cultivating SOW Asia alumni network by engaging past SOW Asia acceleratees and volunteers
  • Developing and improving curriculum for SOW Asia's accelerator program
  • Conducting research on social innovation and producing insightful reports

Additionally, if there are other ways you could see yourself contributing, we would love to hear from you and find ways to incorporate that into your engagement

Please send your CV and a cover letter to us at, with the subject title "Application for Business Volunteer - [your name] "