We believe in the essential combination of investment capital, mentorship and professional advisory to scale businesses with social impact.

Our Impact Focus

Poverty Alleviation 


Social Inclusion 





active aging.png

Active Aging

Investment Criteria 


At least 2 years of operation experience

Scalable social/environmental impact

Proven concept and commitment to scaling their impact

Committed team

Passionate, competent and adaptable management team 

Investment Horizon

5 - 7 years

Size of investment required

HK$500,000 – HK$2,000,000 in equity

Open to long term partnership     

Sees mutual (financial/non financial) value in SOW Asia partnership for 5-7 years

How We Invest

There are two routes to becoming a SOW Asia portfolio company. One route is through our accelerator program, which gives both organisations a chance to see what the value of a longer term partnership could look like. The other route is through SOW Asia’s independent sourcing and due diligence activities.