Our History

SOW Asia was founded in 2009 by Darius Yuen, an investment banker in Hong Kong, SAR. Following the 2008 financial crisis, it became apparent we face large social challenges that neither traditional capital markets nor traditional charity can solve within those silos. Mr. Yuen left banking and founded SOW Asia to champion venture philanthropy through the application of business discipline as a force for the betterment of society. Although SOW Asia was initially focused on individual investment opportunities, it became clear that the necessary first step was building an environment in which social businesses can grow. SOW Asia is now partnering with a number of organizations from multiple sectors, including public, private, academia and NGO, in order to build a more comprehensive eco-system. For 2015-2016, SOW Asia will be working closely with its strategic partners to support at least 25 enterprises with the goal that at least 10% will be ready for early scale (follow-on funding).