+ How does the application process work?

Interested social businesses can apply on our website: http://www.sowasia.org/application-form

Please also email apply@sowasia.org with:

1) (Required) A pitch deck that needs to answer the following questions:

  • What is the social problem you are addressing and how large is the scale of the problem?

  • What is your solution and why is it better than existing approaches?

  • Who are your target customer segments and how large is the market size?

  • What is your product or service and what is your value proposition / competitive advantage?

  • How does your business make money? What are the main revenue streams?

  • What do you want to achieve in the next 1 year? What are your growth targets and aspirations?

  • What support/resources do you need to achieve this plan?

2) (Optional) Financial statements or any pictures and/or videos of your products/services

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an in-depth discussion with the program team.

+ What is the structure of the workshops?

We believe in interactive, participative learning, where leaders come and work out their own challenges or questions. We bring expertise in business/management and social impact consulting and we facilitate you and your team to articulate and focus on the questions that really matter for your social business. The content of these workshops largely focuses on problem definition and the strategy for scaling your impact, improving your business model and refining your pitch.

+ What networking opportunities are provided during the program?

SOW Asia’s partners include angel investors, impact investors, NGOs and charities, corporates, foundations and startup communities. These networks have proven invaluable for past participants in helping them get connected to investors, find and recruit talent, outsource projects, and access professional support and expertise that otherwise would have been unavailable to them.

+ Who is SOW Asia?

SOW Asia is a charitable foundation based in Hong Kong that supports enterprises intent on scaling their social and/or environmental impact through financial investments and our accelerator program.

+ How to get in contact?

If you have questions about the program, application, please do not hesitate to contact the SOW Asia team at info@sowasia.org